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DrivePur Protection System

The DrivePur Protection System is a revolutionary new and environmentally friendly odor, germ and allergen removal
for car's, boat's and RV's .  Using the latest in UV-PCO technology DrivePur can quickly and effectively remove pet
odors, smoke odors, food odors, germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, stains and other contaminants from the interior.

The DrivePur Protection has three steps:
  1. Smoke is very effective at eliminating cigarette and all other tobacco odors. It has the ability to penetrate, seek out, and
    react with the components of tobacco smoke.  It dissolves and converts most into water-soluble molecules without
    causing damage to fabrics, materials, or hard-surfaces.
  2. Shock is designed to provide thorough cleaning and elimination of BioPollution in vehicle interiors.  It is very effective on
    vehicle AC and Heating systems.  Will assist other DrivePur products in preventing contamination of treated vehicle
  3. Prevent is a nano formulated photo catalytic surface treatment that turns vehicle interiors into light activated air and
    surfaces scrubbers.  It helps vehicles eliminate most objectionable organic odors, germs, bacteria and other

For more detailed information on how DrivePur works please check out the manufacturer's website:

For three-stage treatment (Smoke, Shock & Prevent) - $159+
For two-stage treatment (Smoke & Prevent or Shock & Prevent) - $99+
For Prevent treatment only - $69+

*Prices may be higher for over-sized vehicles.  The DrivePur treatments do not include any of our detail packages, but do work
best on clean surfaces.  If you want to have your car detailed prior to DrivePur treatments, check out our
detail packages.  Our
Super Deluxe Interior and Super Deluxe Complete packages include the two or three stage DrivePur system.
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