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How do we perform a quality detail without taking your vehicle to a shop?
           As long as you have a water faucet, an electrical outlet, and space to do the vehicle in, we can take care of your needs at home or work. We
    only contract detailers that have proven they can do a superb detail job on their own. They make it worth their while to ensure our clients are happy.
           However, due to driving distances and times, service between Haleiwa and Kaaawa has a two vehicle minimum (or an equivalent charge).

I don't have the facilities you need, where is your shop?
Our shop is located on Kamehameha Highway, about three blocks from Pearlridge.  The address is 98-265 Kamehameha Highway, Aiea, HI 96701
We still ask that you make an appointment before dropping off a car at the shop, please call 808-222-8000 to schedule an appointment.

How long in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?
           Chances are we can fit you in some time within the next week. The best thing to do if you’re scheduling online is to put the day and time that
    best fits your schedule. If we need to make any adjustments, we will contact you shortly.
           If you need to get your car done in the next day or two and we can’t fit you in, we may be able to suggest other shops or detail specialists in
    your area.

How long will the job take?
           Of course this depends on the job.  Complete jobs (both interior and exterior) will generally take between 4 to 6 man-hours from the time we
    start to detail your vehicle. If you arrange to have you vehicle done by a particular time we make sure that we have the man-power available to have
    it done on-time.
           Some vehicle conditions require additional attention (and time). Your Detail Ace can answer your questions and make sure that they are able
    to meet your expectations at the time of your appointment.

    Some conditions that will extend the time your car requires to be detailed are:
    Interior- Sand. Pets. Kids. Work vehicles.
    Exterior- Hard water spots. Paint overspray. Tar. Light cement overspray. Red dirt stains. Industrial fallout. Paint chips. Paint scuffs. Paint
    If your vehicle has any of these conditions, please let your Detail Ace know when you schedule your appointment so they can resolve all of your

Pricing and Services

I don’t like surprises. Are there any extra charges?
    We charge for our services based on an assumed time frame for the size of your vehicle. There are certain conditions that may need a significant
    amount of additional time, as well as services that we can offer that are not included in our base packages.
    Interior- Sand. Pet hair. Ground in dirt. Kids (gum, crayon, sports activity dirt). Use (as a work vehicle).
    Exterior- Red dirt stain. Hard water spots. Cement. Paint overspray. Paint splatter. Industrial fallout. Scratches. Scuffs. Chips.
    Please contact our Auto Detail Ace if you have questions regarding any of these conditions on your vehicle.

What do you charge? How much will detailing my car cost me?
    For our base package prices, please click the “Services and Pricing” tab. For special needs the Auto Detail Ace will point out the conditions and
    make sure you are aware of what it will take to meet your expectations. Some conditions that can require additional attention are as follows:
    Interior- Sand. Pets. Kids. Work vehicles.
    Exterior- Hard water spots. Paint overspray. Tar. Light cement overspray. Red dirt stains. Industrial fallout. Paint chips. Paint scuffs. Paint

What do you do? What are you going to do to my car? What IS involved?
    Please see the descriptions of our service packages by clicking on the “Services and Pricing” tab.  Our most common package by is the Deluxe,
    which is briefly outlined below.
    Exterior- Clean (pressure wash) and degrease the rims; pressure wash wheels and wheel wells; chemical wash and pressure wash the
    crevices; shampoo the entire exterior; condition and dress your exterior rubber and plastics; dress the tires; and apply a premium Teflon
    carnauba wax.
    Interior- Vacuum your interior; shampoo your carpeting; use an interior cleaner on doors, dash, center console and upholstery; brush out
    your vents; condition and dress the leather and vinyl; and do the interior windows.

Vehicle Fix-up, Maintenance or Repair

A truck in front of me kicked up gravel and chipped my paint. Can you do anything?
    This is a fairly common occurrence here in Hawaii. Cars of almost any age will tend to accumulate chips on the hood from road debris, as well as
    the door edges from contact with walls and other matter. Chips on the sides of the car are less likely, but not uncommon. They can be taken care of
    with two basic options:
    Paint Touch-up. The chip can be cleaned and filled with touch-up paint to retard rust from setting in. Although a black dot on a black surface
    (assuming a black car) will look better than a silver chip on a black surface, the primary purpose of chip touch-ups is to retard rust from
    setting in, not to make the surface look new again.
    Repairing the Surface. The area can be sanded down, repaired, and repainted. Our Auto Detail Ace can give you a good idea of what you
    will be looking at in terms of time and expense for the best repair options to fit your needs.

Bird droppings had burned all the way through the paint on my last car. How do I prevent that this time?
           There are products called paint sealants to help your vehicle in this area. Paint Sealants are (for the most part) man made polymer resins
    that bond to the paint to offer long term protection. They help against chalking and fading of the paint over time, though most high quality sealants
    are marketed to protect against acidic substances like tree sap, bird droppings, red berries or (on the mainland or Big Island) acid rain.
           Even if you have had a paint sealant or environmental sealant done on your vehicle, it is a good idea to get toxic substances off of your vehicle
    as soon as possible. (You can think of it kind of like a spill on Scotch™ guarded material, which may not completely stop liquid from seeping in, but
    does give you a lot longer time to clean it up.) For bird droppings that may have dried, place a damp napkin on it & let is moisten before softly
    wiping off. Seeds & other hard substances combined with the acid can make it easy to scratch the surface of your vehicle.
           Paint Sealants can be purchased with warranties that may offer repainting of the affected panel(s) if damage is caused by one of the
    substances that the sealant protects against. These warranties are often good for up to 5 years, but usually must be purchased within the first
    3000 miles of your vehicle

Do you remove water spots?
           In almost all cases, water spots can be removed from your vehicle with the right time and attention. Generally, spots from rainwater will
    disappear with a good shampoo. Hard water spots appear when your vehicle is subject to an inadvertent shower from sprinklers or washing in the
    hot Hawaiian sun which evaporates the water and leaves behind the minerals that set into your glass, paint, and plastics. The longer your car has
    been subject to these city water conditions, the tougher it will be to remove them. If it has been the equivalent of getting showered by a sprinkler
    every day for more than 3 months, the deposits may have started to etch into the paint, glass or plastic. Please see your Auto Detail Ace to service
    your expectations

    General warnings if you try to take care of hard water spots yourself:
    Windshield- Only use a glass polish, not a chemical or acid based water spot remover.
    1. The grit on your wiper blades can etch the safety glass over time and chemical or acid based products can seep in and cloud up
    your windshield. This does not happen often, but it's not worth the risk.
    2. If you are using a glass polish and get taken away from the job for a while DO NOT use the same part of the cloth when you return.
    The polish can harden and scratch your glass. Of course, do not use a glass polish on your paint or trim.
    3. Be sure to read and follow the directions of the glass polish you use. Some of them will scratch the glass if you rub too hard.
    Other Glass and Paint- Any water spot remover will probably be okay to use as long as you follow the instructions. Do not leave chemical or
    acid based water spot removers on your paint too long… it can burn (leave marks). It is best to not work in direct sunlight when removing
    water spots. The hotter the surface, the easier it is to damage your paint. Heat tends to speed up chemical reactions and will reduce the
    time you have before having an adverse effect on your cars surface
    Plastics- Wide smooth black plastics and thin chrome-like plastics are very easily burned. You should not try to remove water spots on
    shiny black plastics or chrome-like trim with a water spot remover yourself. If you insist on a doing it yourself, try using a light compound or
    compound wax instead of chemical or acid treatments.
    In General- When you’re done, counteract any chemical or acid based substance with a base (like soap) which will neutralize the chemical
    reaction. Polish on the windshield can be removed with a common glass cleaner or washed off with an automotive product or PH balanced
    hair shampoo.

I had a drink explode and have spots on my headliner. How do I clean it?
           This is actually a very important question. Many people who love their cars may try to clean stains off of the headliner (the fabric on the
    underside of your roof) without knowing the dangers of doing so. Many vehicles have a cloth or foam headliner that is held up mainly by water
    soluble glue. If they get it wet while attempting to remove a stain, they may find their headliner sagging before too long.
           Because of this, without a specific request, we will not touch your headliner.

I just bought a car from a cigarette smoker. Is there any way I can get rid of the smoke odor?
    We can do a full interior detail. I would suggest adding on a Biozyme™ & ionizing treatment that also runs through the air conditioning system. In
    some cases, if the owner has a particularly sensitive nose, or if it has been smoked in for a long time, the headliner (underside fabric of the roof)
    will have to be replaced. Options to clean most headliners are limited because they are usually held up mainly by water soluble glue.

I just spilled something in my car. What do I do?
    In almost every case, your car will be best served if you can clean up as much of the offending material as you can, as soon as you can. When you
    bring your car in, make sure our Auto Detail Ace knows where the spill occurred & what it consisted of. Our Ace will then go over options with you
    depending on your individual situation ranging from Biozyme™ treatments for organic substances to Ionizers to kill molds, mildews & lingering
    odors. In rare situations, too much of the spilled material may have accumulated in the foam layer beneath your carpeting. You may need to
    consider carpet or upholstery replacement.

I left a window down while it was raining and now have mold and mildew growing in my vehicle. How do I get rid of it? / I stored my vehicle (with
moisture inside) and now have mold and mildew growing in my vehicle. How do I get rid of it?
           Although molds and mildews can be a particularly vicious problem, both for those with asthma or respiratory ailments as well as the damage
    they can do to the material they’re growing on (as evidenced by Hilton Hawaiian’s $55+ million mold cleanup in 2001 that eventually culminated in
    tearing out and replacing the affected areas), we have had a good response from our clients so far.
    Our Auto Detail Ace will give you your options, but will likely suggest a full interior detail with a Biozyme™ and an ionizer treatment.

I scuffed my rental car & do not have insurance. What can I do?
           Contact us immediately so that we can survey the area & give you your options. If we are not available, we can recommend a service or
    specialist that will be able to help. It is almost always better for you to take care of the problem before hand, than leave it up to the tender mercies of
    the rental company afterwards.

My paint is faded (or oxidized). What can you do for my car?
    Short Answer- See one of our Auto Detail Aces and ask about your options.
    Long Answer- Depending on how long you plan on keeping your vehicle and how badly it’s oxidized you will have several different options. These
    will range from just using a liquid wax (any hand wax or orbital polisher will leave streaks because the paint is so badly damaged), to
    compounding the vehicle, to high speed polishing, to repainting. Our Auto Detail Ace will be able to give you appropriate recommendations so you
    can make the right decision for your vehicle and your budget.

Someone hit my car. Now it is scratched/scuffed. Can you fix it?
    Short Answer- See one of our Auto Detail Aces and ask about your options.
    Long Answer- What we will have to determine is whether the scuff is primarily on the surface (contaminant like paint or rubber from the contacted
    surface), in/through the paint/plastic/metal of your vehicle, or a combination of the two.
    - A surface scuff can usually be cleaned up relatively quickly and inexpensively.
    - If the scuff is within, but does not penetrate your clear coat (the clear layer of paint that covers the “base coat” or the color of your vehicle),
    the area can possibly be brought back to a brand new look and feel by light sanding (with 2000 grit sandpaper & lubricant) until smooth,
    then high speed polishing to return the area to its former gloss.
    - If the area is through the clear coat, you will have a choice of cleaning or repainting options.

Someone hit my car with an egg. What do I do?
    Eggs can leave a distinctive oval chip pattern in your paint, and the yolk is acidic enough to burn through the paint. Wipe off and clean with a base
    (like soap and water) to counteract the acid. One of our Auto Detail Aces can give you your options after surveying your vehicle.
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