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Paint Sealant - Pika Pika Rain Diamond
Premier Paint Sealants - Pika Pika Rain & Pika Pika Rain Diamond

Pika Pika Rain is a premium paint sealant offered by new car dealerships all over Japan and around the world. It is easily
comparable to any other paint sealant currently available. We have been given the opportunity to bring Pika Pika Rain and its
second generation (improved) formula Pika Pika Rain Diamond directly to our customers.

Pika Pika Rain creates a
liquid glass coating that bonds to your vehicle's paint creating a superb protective barrier.  Pika
Pika Rain's
long-term protection has been tested out to 10-years and it is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last at
least 3-years.

Pika Pika Rain Diamond replicates all of the
protective qualities and can increase paint luster by up to 70%. The luster
increase can assist in bringing back that 'new car' shine.

For more information on Pika Pika Rain / Diamond's development, guarantee, and effects, please visit their website:
Luxury Auto Supply LLC (distributor) or Coral Co. (manufacturer)

We are offering Pika Pika Rain Diamond at $199.00 per box for
self-service application or

For full-service application* of Pika Pika Rain Diamond to your vehicle -
$800.00 (sedan) or $1,000.00 (SUV/Truck).
Compare this to your likely $1,500.00-$1,800.00 for dealership service protection.

If your vehicle's paint needs corrective procedures (for removal of blemishes, oxidation, or micro-scratches) before the
application of Pika Pika Rain Diamond, there will be an additional charge should you elect these services.

Garage care is needed for 24-hours after application or a minimum of 48-hours at our facilities.
(Additional time needed for paint rejuvenation services.)

Full-service includes: Our exterior Super-Deluxe (hard water spot and contaminate removal; light oxidation and
clear coat scratch treatments;
basically everything we can do in one day) as well as application of Pika Pika Rain Diamond.

*Pika Pika Rain Diamond is avaliable only as long as supplies last.
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Self Service Application
* This product is only available for
pick-up at an AutoDetailAces location.