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Contact Number:  808-723-0337
Detailing Packages
    Executive Package
  • Complete vacuum of interior: seats, floor, crevices, & trunk
  • Scrub dash, louvers, coin trays, center console, door
    panels and all of the "nooks and crannies"
  • Dress and condition the dash for superior ultraviolet
    protection AND to get that brand new look and feel
  • Complete exterior wash and dry (special non-abrasive
    wash-mitt, soap, and chamois cloth used)
  • Wheels and Tires de-greased, scrubbed, and "dressed to
    kill" (You won't believe how your wheels and tires will shine.)
  • Apply special sun protective- Teflon/carnauba wax and
    then buff to a shine.
  • And, of course, we do your windows.
Sedan Sized Cars
Full Job
Interior Only
Exterior Only
SUVs or Mini-Vans
Full Job
Interior Only
Exterior Only
*Additional fee for larger vehicles
**There is a $20+ mobile or pick-up surcharge
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Recommended Add-On:
Add spot Shampooing of carpeting
and upholstery for only $30 more.