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Paint Touch-up
       Traditional Paint Chip Touch-up
Factory Paint touch-up while we detail your car! Starting as low
as $40 we will professionally touch-up those annoying nicks
and scuffs so they are not so noticeable. The primary purpose
of paint chip touch is to retard rust from setting in.

(We will need to obtain your paint code in advance.)
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Sprayless Scratch Repair
Our SSR system has arrived and we are busy
fixing the scratches and chips in our customer's
cars. Have a scratch? Or a whole bunch? Contact
our detail specialists to get your paint smooth.
Sprayless Scratch Repair
*The retail prices are based on our current business model and may
be subject to change in the future
Retail price will range from $80 for a single panel to $400
for a complete walk around. Give us a call to find out the
best option for you!

Compare that to the
hundreds of dollars you would
spend for a typical body shop repair.
SSR is a cosmetic repair that provides a permanent solution for disturbed paint on any vehicle.
Scratches, scuffs and chips become virtually undetectable in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of
the cost associated with conventional body shop or even SMART repairs.
*The scratches fixed in this video were not down to the metal.