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another detail shop and was treated so badly and then to be treated so nicely by you and Eric
was really appreciated.  I definitely will recommend you to anyone who ever asks.
Warmly,  Jennifer P.

I just wanted to let you know that the guy who came to do my detail was awesome!  He made my
car look brand new and I'm sure it helped me to get such a good trade-in price.  I was offered
almost $700 more than I expected!  Totally worth it!
Thanks!  Keiki U.

Just wanted to thank you and Sean for an excellent service. We were so delighted with our
"new" car and could hardly recognize it on return.  Thanks also for throwing in the engine steam
- it was in need of the deep spa treatment.  The good news is that I showed it to two people
before the clean and they did not make an offer, then the first person I showed it to following the
clean made an offer straight away. So we are so glad we invested, it does pay off.
Best wishes to you both in all your endeavors - Aloha, Dominique & Jonathan

You really do work wonders! My van is so beautiful!!! I noticed that you even got the scratches
off the back hatch door. I still can't believe how clean my windows are!!! I would scrub and polish
but I still had water spots!
Thank you again. kay

You did a great job!  They were very thorough, and got the carpet cleaner than I thought
possible.  They also impressed me by being so kind to my 3-year-old son who wanted to "help."  
A 10 on a scale on 1-10!

I am very, very pleased with my truck! Excellent service! I loved Mike; he was great in describing
the process. I will certainly recommend your services to others.  I look forward to receiving
upkeep maintenance from you in the future.
Warm regards, Val

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